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Description: Ancient Greek Oriental Ptolemiac Egypt Silver Tetradrachm Ptolemy V Ptolemy V
Description: Ancient Greek Oriental Ptolemiac Egypt Silver Tetradrachm Ptolemy V Epiphanes
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Item : 13646 Description
Description :  Ancient Greek Oriental Ptolemiac Egypt Silver Tetradrachm Ptolemy V Ptolemy VPtolemaic Kingdom. Ptolemy V Epiphanes AR Tetradrachm. Sidon, circa 202-200 BC. Diademed, draped bust of the deified Ptolemy IV Philopator right / PTOLEMAIOU FILOPATOROS, eagle with closed wings standing left on thunderbolt, SI between legs. Svoronos -; McClean -; BMC -; Jameson -; Mørkholm XIII, pl 24, 10 var. (no control mark); cf. Spink Auction 9008, March 2009, lot 426 (same obverse die, incorrectly described as same dies as SNG Cop. 529; but from Phoenician mint and with BASILEWS reverse legend). 14.23g, 26mm, 1h. Extremely Rare, possibly unpublished. Fleur De Coin. Extremely Rare. A rare variant of an extremely rare type, with a legend proper to Ptolemy IV. Mørkholm (Otto Mørkholm - Portrait Coinage of Ptolemy V in Essays Thompson) notes that this die was used at Sidon for striking the series with the Philopatoros legend before being transferred to the military mint in Phoenicia, where the die appears to have used for a period (see the Spink example) and then recut. Withdrawn
Authenticity:  Forgery - Modern
Category :  Ancient Greek Egypt - Coins
Category DetailsSource
Category :  AncientSold as: Authentic
: Greek OrientalEntered by : Amentia
: Ptolemiac Egypt

Key InfoCondemnation
Ruler : Ptolemy V
Withdrawn, same reverse die as fakes 13640-13642 but the legend BASILEWS was erased and FILOPATOROS was recutted in the dies Forgery Type: pressed
Region : --
Denomination : Tetradrachm
Content : Silver
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