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Description: Ancient Roman Imperial Silver Augustus Denarius
Description: Ancient Roman Imperial Silver Augustus Denarius
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Item : 253 Description
Description :  Ancient Roman Imperial Silver Augustus DenariusObv: AVGVSTVS CAESAR. Bust: Bare head right. Rev: DIVVS Comet with tail trailing from above
Authenticity:  Forgery - Modern
Category :  Ancient Roman Imperial - CoinsSeries Date: 27 BC - 14 AD
Category DetailsSource
Category :  AncientSold as: Authentic Seller ID: kalahari18
: Roman ImperialSource : Ebay Entered by : Basic
Key InfoItem Details
Denomination : Denarius
Catalog RIC 37b Sear 1607
Emperor : Augustus
Content : Silver
Combines the Obv. of RIC 37a with the Rev of RIC 37b, minus "IVLIVS" below. Toronto Group forgery. Forgery Type: Toronto Group
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