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Description: Ancient Roman Republican Silver Denarius, Quinarius
Description: Ancient Roman Republican Silver Denarius Dioscuri
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Item : 14088 Description
Description :  Ancient Roman Republican Silver Denarius Clodius Macerhost + cast fake Clodius Macer, April-October 68 (?) Denarius, Carthago (?) April-October (?) 68, AR 3.16 g. L CLODI – MACRI Figure of Libertas, draped, standing l., holding pileus in r. hand and patera in l. Rev. MAC – RIANA LIB Aquila r. between two vexilla. Across field, LEG – I. C 2. BMC p. 286 note * and pl. 49, 4 (these dies). Hewitt D/2, 30 (obverse 17 and reverse 19) and pl. XI, 30 (this coin). CBN 5. RIC 20.
Authenticity:  Forgery - Modern
Category :  Ancient Roman Republican - Coins
Category DetailsSource
Category :  AncientSold as: Authentic
: Roman RepublicanEntered by : Amentia
Key InfoCondemnation
Denomination : Denarius
Approved cast fake. Hewitt already doubted the leu piece 3.15 g "Nos. 29 and 30 appear identical in every surface feature" "When item 30 came up for auction, the author rised doubts regarding the authenticity since it is so very closely resembled item 29. The final letter which he received states, "It was decided by all the dealers concerned that this piece is definitely genuine". They are almost identical only difference are the weight (3.41 and 3.16), the softer details on the cast and the edge nick under S of SC and the edge nick left above the M of Macri. The edge nick that are different look artificially applied and are the reason why I doubted the coin first and why I still doubt it. The sepecimen 19 with 3.41 has a much better and older pedigree, Leu piece has no pedigree prior 1978. The weight difference can be explained due to metal shrinkage when cooling down in mould. How high is the chance to find two examples of such a rare emission that have 100 % exactly the same centering and wear and planchet/flan shape, the same edge and flan cracks, the same scratch right to LOD of CLODI on obverse ? So many individual characteristics from striking and wear that are idential which should not be possible on authentic coins. Mother is Triton XII Lot 563 3.41g Cast is 3.16g and ex Leu 20 (25 April 1978), lot 246, ex Lanz Auktion 94 los 269, Ex Aureo & Calicó IMAGINES IMPERATORUM Los 37, ex NAC 80 lot 68 NAC has withdraw it before sale! Forgery Type: cast
Ruler/Moneyer : --
Content : Silver
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