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Description: Ancient Greek Alexander III Silver Didrachm
Description: Ancient Greek Silver Didrachm Audoleon
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Item : 14407 Description
Description :  Ancient Greek Silver Didrachm KARYSTOSKARYSTOS. Didrachme (7.73g). 290 - 253/2 v. Chr. Vs.: Nach rechts stehende Kuh leckt ihr Kalb, das an ihrem Euter saugt. Rs.: ??-??S, n. r. stehender Hahn. Slg. Dewing 1529 (Var.); SNG Lockett 1782
Authenticity:  Forgery - Modern
Category :  Ancient Greek Coins - Coins
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Category :  AncientSold as: Authentic
: GreekEntered by : Amentia

Key InfoCondemnation
Denomination : Didrachm
Fakes from fake collection of Harvard Museum !!! Wrong DIE AXIS ! From harvardmagazine : Research by Hurter, published in the Bulletin on Counterfeits in 1987, associates it with a group of fake two-drachma coins of Karystos probably made in the 1930s. "These counterfeits are struck [as the genuine is, and as opposed to cast]...and they often have an artificially crystallized surface. Apparently two obverse and two reverse dies were used." . At some mints, however, the ancients fixed the reverse die in position so that its image was tidily at 12 o'clock in relation to the obverse, or at 6 o'clock (as is the case with U.S. coins today). Mildenberg demonstrated in Nomismatika Chronika in 1989 that the mint of ancient Karystos used fixed dies, with the reverse at 12 o'clock. Of our faker, he wrote: "This cunning craftsman, whenever and wherever he worked, struck from loose dies." His roosters are positioned randomly—perhaps at 2 o'clock, perhaps at 8 o'clock—a mistake, and this by itself gives them away. Forgery Type: pressed
Content : Silver
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