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Description: Ancient Greek Macedonia Silver Tetradrachm Philip II
Description: Ancient Greek Macedonia Silver Tetradrachm Pella Philip II
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Item : 14371 Description
Description :  Ancient Greek Macedonia Silver Tetradrachm Pella Philip II Philip IIMakedonia. Könige von Makedonien. Philippos II. 359-336 v. Chr. Tetradrachme ca. 354-348 v.Chr. -Pella-. Belorbeerter Zeuskopf nach rechts / Der König mit erhobener Rechten, Petasos und Diadem zu Pferd nach links. Unter dem rechten Vorderbein ein strahlender Helioskopf, unter dem Perd ein Dreieck. Le Rider 107ff var. 15,75 g von feinem Stil, Rand minimal bearbeitet, gutes sehr schön
Authenticity:  Forgery
Category :  Ancient Greek Macedonia - Coins
Category DetailsSource
Category :  AncientSold as: Authentic
: GreekEntered by : Amentia
: Macedonia

Key InfoCondemnation
Ruler : Philip II
Old cast fake with too high weight (15,75 g)! Details are soapy and they mention that the edge was altered. Weight standard of Philip II tetradrachms was Macedon weight standard at 14,4g see Studies in the Macedonian coinage of Alexander the Great - Hyla A. Troxell page 17+18 Fakes from same dies with too high weight are publishe and it is one of these fakes see IBSCC Bulletin on Counterfeits BOCS Vol 22 No.1 1997 Page 14 Fig 2c IBSCC Bulletin on Counterfeits BOCS Vol 22 No.1 1997 Page 14 Fig 2d Forgery Type: cast
Region : Pella
Denomination : Tetradrachm
Content : Silver
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